Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lucile Ellingwood Morrow Elementary Becomes a Reality!

Yesterday, voters in Owasso voted to build the Lucile Ellingwood Morrow Elementary school.  It will be located on a 15-acre piece just southeast of the Morrow Home Place.  It will be in full view from The Home Place and if Grammy (Lucile) were here she would be able to look out her kitchen door and see the school.  She would be delighted!

The Tulsa World records the bond vote in the following story:

What a pleasure to be able to provide many young minds the gift of learning and growing and finding new ways to contribute to society.  I wonder which young person from this school will make wondrous and amazing contributions to our future?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's a WRAP!

October 1, 2017 saw a first the Morrow Home Place. 

Professors from Tulsa University took over the site for the filming of a short film that will be entered in short film competitions across the nation. The story centers around a salesman and his interaction with a woman who lives in an old house. Can't tell any more but watch for more tidbits as the film makers release more information!