Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh the Joy of the Fourth of July!

From "Just Thought of A Plain Country Woman" Published July, 4, 1946.

"For days before the Fourth of July, I pondered what Independence Day meant this year for the meanings surrounding special days vary from time to time; last year, the War in Europe was over, The Boy had survived but was headed for the final struggle in Japan, and, altho, we were grateful for the present relief, we felt that going to the Asiatic area was almost more than we could face  We recalled past Fourths in our childhood and older years and somehow this one, our first Victory Fourth seemed to bear the meaning of "The Year of Beginning Again."  The Boy is home; the Girl will join our family group soon, judging by the constant flow of pink scented letters that come in the mail; our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary that comes so close to the Fourth of July, seemed to join in the spirit of the Day and pointed to a new start for us all."

        Can you imagine how glorious the first Fourth of July must have been, having just
         returned home from winning the WWII?  What celebrations there must have been! 
         Let's celebrate those members of the "Greatest Generation" once again remembering
         the gift of freedom they have given us. 
Kids say the darndest things - maybe it's all in their perspective.

      Excerpt From: "Just Thoughts of a Plain Country Woman"                                 September 30, 1948, The Collinsville News.

"A little girl was visiting her grandmother in the country.  Walking in the garden she saw a peacock, a bird she had never seen before.  After gazing in quiet admiration, she quickly ran to the house and cried out:  "Oh, Grandmother, come and see! One of your chickens is in bloom!" 

What fun it it is to watch the world through a child's eyes.  How they can take such complex issues and instances and break them down into the essence. . .  the essential.. . .  treasuring and focusing on just the most important elements.

I hope your "chicken" "blooms" today!