Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kids say the darndest things - maybe it's all in their perspective.

      Excerpt From: "Just Thoughts of a Plain Country Woman"                                 September 30, 1948, The Collinsville News.

"A little girl was visiting her grandmother in the country.  Walking in the garden she saw a peacock, a bird she had never seen before.  After gazing in quiet admiration, she quickly ran to the house and cried out:  "Oh, Grandmother, come and see! One of your chickens is in bloom!" 

What fun it it is to watch the world through a child's eyes.  How they can take such complex issues and instances and break them down into the essence. . .  the essential.. . .  treasuring and focusing on just the most important elements.

I hope your "chicken" "blooms" today! 

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