Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fair Time

Except taken from "Just Thoughts of a Plain Country Woman" by Lucile Ellingwood Morrow, September 12, 1948 in The Collinsville News.

"There is an atmosphere of romance surrounding fairs, for they, like the Fourth of July, revive memories of family gatherings; whether the fair is one of today's modern affairs where everyone arrives in a motor vehicle, or one of by-gone days when whole families, cramped from the long ride since sun-up, clambered out,
over the wagon wheels, from the straw packed wagon bed, the interests center about the same exhibitions;
men, naturally gravitate to the sheds and tents where new fangled models of brightly painted implements stand; the women gather around the results of their prowess with cooking, canning, baking equipment to compare and judge for themselves why this pan of
rolls received the coveted ribbon instead of that one, or why one can of pickles was given a higher award than another. 
Another section in the hall of arts that interests women is the rainbow display of needlework from their nimble fingers."

Note:  Wouldn't Mrs. Morrow have been overwhelmed - and probably very impressed - with the thousands that attend the hugely popular State Fairs of today?  Designed to be much more than local competitions, they are a place to inform and amaze consumers about new products and services.  And, of course, the massive amusement rides are complemented by decadent foods only to be found and consumed at the "State Fair."  

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