Sunday, November 2, 2014

Your vote DOES make a difference!

Excerpts taken from "Just Thoughts of a Plain County Woman"  January 1, 1953.  The Collinsville News.

" . . .During the recent election, the individual was urged to get out and vote; the individual was stressed as being important;''a single vote was shown to have; thrown the majority to the winning
side on a few occasions, and that that single vote might be yours or mine.
It is hard for us to realize that we count as individuals-that there has never been before in the world's history a "you" or "me" and that never again will an exact "me" or "you" be born. Each person is unique. . . .
We may not any of us be "indispensable" but it is harder to say which little drop of water added to an already full bowl would make it overflow.  None is independent of the other and yet each is necessary to make up the whole. . . ."

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