Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boy Scout Cannon Vogel and troop members complete the Morrow Home Place Smokehouse rennovation project

Cannon Vogel and other members of the Scout troop based in Owasso, finished phase one of the smokehouse rennovation project. 

Cannon is working on his Eagle designation and chose the Morrow Home Place smokehouse as a project.  He and the Troop 93, based in Owasso, OK,  have emptied and cleaned out the old smokehouse and found many antique items.  There were careful to log and preserve those items for future cataloging and display. 

They cut a section of the original wooden shingled roof and set it aside to be preserved and used it as an example of how wooden shingles were originally attached to the roof structure.  Vogel located a source of wooden shingles and he and his team re-created the original wood shingle roof on the old structure.

The Scouts took care to preserve the original structure and only replace materials with "like" materials in order to follow the historic preservation direction to "preserve and protect" the orginal structure. 

       Original Smokehouse roof              

Cannon is the son of Mitzi and Rick Vogal and is Kip Robinson, is the Troop 93 Troopmaster. . 

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