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Hope Springs Eternal - April 10, 1947

A short time ago, in January, the earth seemed dead, the land was in the steel grip of winter.  We saw dry leaves, lifeless brown grass, bare wild stalks, leavless skeleton of trees, a few robins and meadow larks but once again the mirable of Srping has come and the exepnctant earth prolaims the Glory of God.  We knew that seeming reign of death was only temporty, that nature was not defeated; that underneath the deal grass were jonquils and tulips and spring beatuies, that there was hidden life,  libe dormant, waiting, hopeful.

The locust and pear trees only withdrew life from exposed parts and wrapped them thorooughtly to protect them from bitter cold, soon to unfold into sweet scented blossoms.  Each hidden bit of life remained waiting in millions fo seeds, buds, bulbs, roots and stems, chrysalis and cacook, n egg ofinsets, and animals sleeping in their dens.  Each waiting bit of life was supplied with food carefullys tored in or around it ready to sustain it till leaf and roots could give fresh food.  We little realize what a mysterious process is that which we call growth.  Only living things grow.  Life everywhere has a power of its own, a purose that guides it and will not be defiled; as human being, we are far above all othr living things, not only in perfection of the human body, but because we are being, not behaving with blind instinct, but with free intelligence. 
Life on eaqrth reaches its climas in personality; which,at its highest, rises above the physical.  Even as the warm rays of the sun reach down, touch the leaves and buds and animales, lift of the dead elements of the earty, so the power of the God of life and love reaches down and, touching the human soul, lifts it up to the highest spiritual life if we only permit ourselves to be lifted up. 

The actual column was published in The Collinsville News, Collinsville, Ok  April 10, 1947.

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