Thursday, August 29, 2013

Success Comes from "Cans"

Taken from "Just Thoughts of a Plain Country Woman"  May 30, 1946 

Writing about graduation times, Lucile Ellingwood Morrow reflects on the values of "schooling":

"Whether viewed through the happy tears of parents, the congratulations of friends, or the eager eyes of the young men and woman, commencement is the climax of years of toil and sacrifice for all.  These children have formed a binding link in binding habit of success.   

When I taught school, I often wrote mottoes on the blackboard and the one that was most often commented on was this:

              'Success comes in "cans"; failures in "can'ts. "  

These graduates have formed a working philosophy for life;  they have fought a good fight;  they have finished the course; they have kept the faith and now await a life more abundant." 


As we begin a new school year, be encouraged and encourage others to reach out for the "cans" so we and they can look forward to a life full of riches, success and self-fulfillment.

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