Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Times. . . New Things. . . What Next?

Excerpts taken from "Just Thoughts of a Plain County Woman", January 20, 1946

Now I can believe that anything is possible!
Since the giant atom-smashing machines have shown us the way to release untold powers, we wait
for super-planes and cars that streak their way through the stratosphere and along the highways.
Pilotless, radio-controlled planes and tanks have paved the way for the farm boy merely to step from these wonders to a farm tractor tower where he will regulate his radio-controlled tractors and other machines by merely pushing buttons. Thus farming promises to become as different in the coming age as it now differs from methods (used)  a hundred years ago.
The walkie-talkie will permit him to talk from the home to the field or from field to field, and a farm wife will not have to fly a dish cloth from the upstairs window to announce dinner to a farmer plowing in the North 40; a helicopter will rise from his very doorstep to carry him to town or to a neighbor's. This will be a horse of a different color, and one from which most of us will shy away.

As for crops, they, too, will be different;  many will be the weeds about us which we are fast learning
are valuable for unheard of uses.  Already soy beans are being used for paints and varnishes, clothes and plastics.   Cottage cheese is being turned into "woolen" clothes; even the leaves from the orchard and yard in the fall can be so treated that they will take your car to town at 200 miles an hour; peaches without fuzz, onions that do not make you cry; homes with "electric eyes" and electric servants will give us more time to enjoy the good things ahead.

Maybe I would have time to assemble my scrapbooks!"

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