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Joe Morrow wins Trip to National 4-H Club Congress

Clipping from "The Collinsville News"  November 21, 1940 upon his winning a trip to National 4-H Club Congress. 


Joe Morrow Won Trip to Chicago Given by the Santa  Fe

Fine Record of 4-H Club Work "Pays Off" After Hours of Hard Work

C. W. Lane, of Oklahoma City, and I his son Bob, of California, visited the News office last Saturday morning and paid the editor a nice visit. Mr. Lane is special representative of public relations for the Santa Fe lines, with offices in Oklahoma City.
He informed the editor that E. J. Engel, president of the Santa Fe, had offered an award to 4-H club members in Oklahoma. The prize is a trip to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago, with all expenses paid The members will be special guests of the Santa Fe in Chicago.
Joe Morrow, son of the writer of "Just Thoughts" in The News each week, was the fortunate winner of one of these awards. The achievements of Morrow are mentioned in other items in this issue of the paper so they are not repeated here.
The whole community is extremely proud of the work of Joe Morrow a especially those who know of the sickness handicaps that he has overcome during his boyhood days. Joe has never said "can't."
The winning of the awards given by the Santa Fe are based upon the achievements of the past season and all around performances and interest in club activities as shown by official records.
Joe will leave for Chicago with other winners on the Santa Fe Streamliner, November 29.

Joe Morrow has won a trip to Chicago with all expenses paid. This trip was, awarded him for his goo'd work and records in 4-H club work. 
Joe· has been in 4-H club work for five years.  His project has always been livestock. He has raised five show calves and and a flock of sheep on which he has kept  records. It is the records which have won the trip for him. 
Records are sent from all over the state to the state headquarters.  Here they are judged and the sixteen boys and girls having the best record books are awarded a trip to Chicago with all expenses paid. Joe is one of those sixteen selected.  

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