Friday, February 23, 2018

Morrow Place Development

BIG NEWS!  The new Morrow Place development is being readied for new home owners.  For 
all the details, follow the link below.

It is with truly mixed emotions that our family watches this new development.  We know times change and we need to change with them.  We are grateful our land has provided sustenance and support for five generations of our family.  The Morrow family has lived and worked and loved, cried and laughed, all on this land.  For generations we have been born, lived, left and returned to this land.  And, now it is time to allow other families to share the treasure with which we have so richly been blessed.  

I have walked, ridden horseback, chased the dogs (and my little brother) across this land.  I have fished the ponds, picked the eggs, chased the baby pigs and newborn lambs and bottle-fed baby calves on this land.  I've watched the sun rise, peeking out behind the big barn, bringing forth a glorious new day and enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets and the sun glowed red behind the house and across the garden.  

Living on this land teaches responsibility, persistence, dependability, respectability, pride and humility. Living on this land instills a love for God and all that He so graciously provides.  It is our duty to appreciate what we are given, be good stewards of those gifts and share with others the treasure.  

It is my sincere hope that as new families come to live at Morrow Place, they too will learn to love  the land as much as past generations have.  I truly pray that each family will build their family traditions - and be good stewards - as they grow and strengthen their own family bonds.  It is time for a new chapter for the Morrow land.  It is time for new families to write their own story  

Welcome to Morrow Place.  

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