Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Recipe for Preserving "Choice" Children - Good summertime recipe

Excepts taken from "Just Thoughts of a Plain Country Woman" published in February 9, 1950 in The Collinsville News.  

". . . . Through it all, they, as well as we, were looking for a way to have good children;  here is an old recipe presenting a philosophy that might well be followed through all the ages:  

                  Preserve Choice Children 

Take 1 large grassy field; 1/2 dozen children, 2 or 3 small dogs, pinch of brooks and some pebbles.  Mix children and dogs well together and put them in the field, stirring constantly;  Pour the brook over the pebbles;  sprinkle the field with flowers; spread over all a deep blue sky and bake in the hot sun.  When thoroughly brown, remove and set away to cool in a bathtub."  

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