Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Let's not try to cross all the bridges tonight"

Taken from "Just Thoughts of a Plain Country Woman" 

December 29, 1946          
On the passing of her beloved husband Joe Fagan Morrow

"Far into the night we talked, until exhausted, and heart-broken I said, "Let's not try to cross all the bridges tonight; let's go to bed."
Gradually we answered those questions, or they worked themselves out. . . . we have been led to see that by faith and by patience, or whatever you call it, we have lived through the immediate days of pressing emergency and seemingly unbearable grief. 

We had done the best we could and then "yielded and still" we put our great need in God's hands and have been wonderfully comforted.  Our needs have been supplied, both spiritual and physical, and we are facing the new year determined to look up, not down, thus avoiding the dizziness of defeat. . . "
When times are tough and grief strikes, sometimes it is best to put faith in God and be "yielded and still."  He hears our needs and will help us safely cross each bridge as the need arises.  Be patient and be still and listen. 

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