Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moving Ahead or Falling Back - You can't stand still.

From "Just Thoughts Of A Plain Country Woman"   December 29, 1946

"Another year comes.  Another year goes.  The day of the one that passed will seem exactly like the days of the one that is to come except that it is our man-made way of giving ourselves a new start, another chance.

And it is well, for all life and nature run in cycles-a beginning, a maturity, and a close; the mistakes and failures of yesterday are off-set by the opportunities of today and the hopes of tomorrow.

Again it is well, for there is no middle ground except today: you go ahead or you fall back."

Don't fret about yesterday and don't worry about tomorrow.  Just do your very best with today - the day you were given.  It is a gift, don't waste it. 

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